Van Alstyne High School
Van Alstyne High School

Here is a drawing that Colson’s art teacher, Keith Grissom, did immediately after he heard about what happened. We appreciate Keith and all the students at VA High.Colson was scared to leave the comfort of his friends in Plano when we moved to Van Alstyne at the end of his fifth grade year. However, he found many wonderful people here. The students welcomed him right away and he enjoyed his new school. 

A couple of days after the tornado we went to the high school early one morning to witness an amazing site. At least 75-80 students had gathered under the flag pole with guitars and Bibles to pray and share. 

We were pleased to see and hear from the many students who knew Jesus to be their Lord and Savior. Their tears and words of comfort to us will never be forgotten.

We were also presented with a beautiful box filled with comments and letters by almost one hundred students. These were wonderfully written and then laminated. Again, they will not be forgotten. 

Below are a few of the many notes we received from Colson’s fellow students.