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Tornado Photos

The following photos are just a few of the many taken of the longest tornado (44 minutes on the ground) in Texas history according to a FEMA investigator that was in Westminster in May of 2006.

We had virtually no warning and it seemed that the storm had actually already gone by as it had finished raining and was very calm - about 10:15 PM. A few moments before it hit, a friend called us to let us know that channel 11 was reporting a tornado in our vicinity – then the phone went dead and the lights went out. We went into the most secure places we knew of in the house.

When it hit, it was hard and fast.

When it left, the destruction was shocking

“Path of storm can be seen. Slabs are neighbors homes on FM3133”

“Two walls of the Master Bedroom protrude the debris. This house was built by
one of the descendents of William B. Travis about fifty years after the Alamo.”

“Our shop and office slab.”

“Actual photo taken about two hours before
the tornado looking toward the South West.”

“Tornado image from police cam. Lightning provided the illumination.”

“Two five gallon bottles of water never moved.”

“Suburban hit tree. Below, the engine shot several hundred feet after impact."

“If you Google ‘WESTMINSTER TORNADO MAY 9 2006’,
there are many sites showing additional images and information.”