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“This is the bulletin from Colson’s Aunt Dawna’s funeral.
To the left is a poem she composed a few days after the tornado.”


My heart breaks to think of Colson
And what this world is, now, without him.

His winsome grin, that lispy gentle voice,
The art of understatement so rare in a boy. . .

The aplomb necessary to carry off a really bad joke;
And the precocious wisdom gained from parents who love the Lord.

I’ll miss this funny, witty, huggable kid
For my little while here
But one thing is clear;
Now Heaven is sweeter
And feels more like home
Because Colson is there.

[Dawna went to Heaven 9 months after writing this poem
while taking a nap, one week before her 50th birthday. ]

Certificate given to us by U.S. Congressman Ralph Hall along with
flag flown over the U.S. Capital in Colson's honor on his 15th birthday.

“This is what Colson’s close friend, Mitch,
read at Colson’s funeral. Thanks Mitch!

(By the way, Mitch has a YouTube message you can
find by typing in Colson Owens at the YouTube site.)

“Our new house. (We’re very thankful for what God has provided,
but in reality Colson’s new place is much better.)”

This 40' container (shelter for future storms) is under
 the garage slab as seen below. If you don’t have a tornado shelter, you might give it some serious thought. If you would like any information about a method we have discovered which involves burying a steel container, feel free to email me your contact information. Steel shipping containers are relatively inexpensive and they can be put under ground with proper planning and drainage.

“The school put this skit on in 2005. I’ve never laughed so hard.”