Kelsey's Song
Kelsey's Song

The following is a collage of photographs of Colson Michael Owens with friends and family. Included are photos of his home  and the tornado that struck the night of May 9, 2006 near  Van Alstyne, Texas.

The beautiful music was written and performed by Kelsey Fuqua, age 15, only weeks after the storm.

We appreciate her so much for  doing this.

The chorus, “Life Goes On” is a reflection of what we know to be true – that Colson’s life  in Heaven goes on because of the finished work of our Lord  and Savior Jesus Christ.

About Kelsey Fuqua

Kelsey Fuqua actually did not know Colson other than when they were in the church nursery as toddlers. However, the events surrounding the tornado and Colson’s funeral had a great affect on her, which is made obvious as you listen to her song, “Life Goes On”.

When they were about three years old, we moved to Florida. After almost a year there, we came back to Texas and bought a house in Plano instead of McKinney. We attended Frisco Bible Church and then Van Alstyne Bible Church when we eventually moved to that area. About a year after the tornado, I started to visit Kelsey’s church. One Sunday, her father, David told me that Kelsey had written a song for Colson.

A few minutes later Kelsey had me listening to her MP-3 player. That is a moment I will never forget. Her voice and her words stirred my soul in a way that cannot be expressed. Surely it had an effect on your heart when you heard it – so you can probably imagine what it did to me as Colson’s father.

Shortly after that, Kelsey made me a CD so I was able to share it with our family and some of Colson’s friends. Everyone who has had the privilege to hear it has been moved to tears.

I asked Kelsey if I could use it for this website, and she was very pleased to allow us to use it. She did tell me that she wanted to re-record it with new words for the third verse. She had experienced some spiritual growth that caused her to change some of the words. Kelsey had plans to go into the studio, again with her brother’s help recording and editing. The last time I talked with Kelsey, she was asking me about my progress with finishing this website.

On the evening of October the 2nd, 2007, Kelsey was driving home from Celina High School when she somehow went off the road in a fairly remote area near her home and hit a tree while driving her car. After being taken to the hospital in critical condition, she was ushered to be with her Lord and Savior early the next morning.

Kelsey told me that she wanted her music to have an influence on others for Christ. She certainly did that – and much more. Her influence on the lives of so many in her school and community has been amazing. The Sunday afternoon funeral at the large first Baptist Church in Celina was a partial testimony to that. The sanctuary was packed as hundreds stood in the aisles and hallways. It wasapparent that this young lady had influenced many people. While many were there out of respect, many were there because of her direct effect on their lives.

If any one person came to a point of trusting Jesus as their savior because of Kelsey’s witness – she would surely be thrilled.

Our family’s appreciation for Kelsey and her family cannot be adequately expressed. We know that Kelsey and Colson will someday welcome us to Heaven. When the time comes for me to crossover, my greatest thrill after seeing my Savior Jesus Christ, will be seeing loved ones like Colson and Kelsey – and life will go on. That’s why Jesus did what He did on the cross two thousand years ago.

Mitchell, Preston, David, Carol, and Kelsey



Thank you, Mitchell and Preston, for your assistance.