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Colson's Hill Photos

The site of our former home is now a tree garden which encompasses about three acres. A white gazebo is situated in the center of the actual site of where the two story Victorian house once sat. A stamped concrete border outlines the perimeter of the old foundation and the original stone steps still remain.

Seven weeks after the tornado on a hot Saturday, approximately three hundred friends, neighbors, and relatives came out to plant trees where hundreds were destroyed by the storm. One hundred thirty one trees were planted that hot summer day. Most are small trees, but they will someday cover this area with shade and beauty.

Several other trees have been planted in honor of other children and we welcome anyone wishing to do the same to let us know. Granite markers will soon be made acknowledging the names of those children and any message desired by the parents.

Since we have decided to keep this area as a place for beauty and to grow a variety of trees – we decided to call it Colson’s Hill. The road leading to the site is called “Colson’s Hill Lane”. We welcome anyone to visit anytime.

We have several ‘chickens’ in the tree garden because Colson said his favorite
animal was the chicken. He probably said that because no one else ever picks
the chicken as their favorite animal. His favorite joke was “Why did the tumbleweed
cross the road?” [“Because it was stuck to the chicken!”]

These are the steps from the original home that once stood here.



Cole's Tree &
The University of Texas Bridge

The UT (University of Texas) Bridge that our neighbor Dr. John Beaumont had built on his property within view of Colson’s Hill is special to us because of what happened one day just before Christmas in 2006.

We have developed a special friendship with a gentleman from Shreveport. Louisiana named Marc Pittman who is the father of two fine young men – both football players named Cole and Chase. Cole was killed in a one car accident at the age of twenty one on his way to practice at the University of Texas on the morning of February 26, 2001. Marc has written a great book entitled “Raising Cole” which I recommend every father and son to read.
( www.RaisingCole.com )

One week after the tornado, Marc was scheduled to speak at Colson’s school, Van Alstyne High, for a sports banquet. We did not have an opportunity to meet that night; however, Mark left a personal letter there for Susan and I. His comments in that letter were powerful and our relationship since then has been a big help.

Last December Marc came out to Colson’s Hill to plant a red oak tree in honor of Cole, who played football for the University of Texas. We were fortunate to be there as the new 70 foot long solid steel UT Bridge was getting its final coat of orange paint and its 40 foot long Texas Longhorns painted. The timing was interesting as he planted this new oak tree within view of the new bridge.

Dr. Beaumont plans to put orange lights on the bridge and likewise we are putting orange lights at the base of Cole’s tree – 400 yards away.


Cole Pittman's Number in the snow on the bridge

Colson's Hill, Gazebo and Cole's tree are barely visible from the bridge in the distance. (just a hair right of center in the image above)

These two photos are of another "Colson's Hill".
Located  in New Zealand.

Ronny's Windmill

Windmill installed by our wonderful friend Ronny Wren
who died on August 15th 2007 in an airplane crash in Bonham TX. 
Link for more info