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Colson’s love and natural talent for art has been a pleasurable thing for us to watch. Even when he was five or six years old we would play a game at restaurants. A sheet of paper or the back of a paper place mat would be used to put a line or some sort of a scribble mark. Colson would manage to incorporate the line or scribble into a little masterpiece. It never failed to amaze us how great he would do this.

As the years went by, his ability became very apparent. A few days before the tornado, he was honored by winning “Artist of the Year” for the second time in Van Alstyne. One of the judges, Austin Moody, who is a renowned full time artist, offered to tutor Colson after seeing his work. Most of the finished and unfinished pencil sketches he left behind were found by teachers in various classes at the high school during the summer.

Since finding this drawing, several copies have been framed and positioned in places of prominence to honor Major Winters and Colson’s artistic talent. U.S. Congressman Ralph Hall, Collin County Sheriff Terry Box, The Van Alstyne High School, Major Dick Winters and several fire departments have this art piece hanging on their walls.

Unfortunately, most of Colson’s art is gone. We have been told that he did quite a few sketches for friends. If you happen to have one of these, we’d love to make a copy.

Most of the following sketches were found as mere doodles in his notebooks.

One of his pencil sketches, “The Paratrooper”, was found during the summer break in his history class. We were told that he created this piece during his history class in less than one hour. The inspiration for this sketch was a small photograph in the book “A Band of Brothers”. The picture showed Major Dick Winters with his parachute gear taken in World War II. http://www.majordickwinters.com  

“T-shirts produced and sold by students. Funds went to the Art Scholarship Fund.”

“Van Alstyne High Uniform”