Art Scholarship
Art Scholarship

The Colson Owens Memorial Art Scholarship was formed in 2006 and it has been set up to be a perpetual fund given to a Van Alstyne High School graduate every May. Funds were accumulated by the students in the sale of T-Shirts that featured one of Colson’s sketches and a verse from the book of Psalms. Other gifts were from friends and neighbors making donations. Because of Colson’s love for art, we decided to have those financial contributions placed in the art scholarship fund.

Our hope is that we can somehow contribute to the education of other young people who are passionate about their God given talents. Music and art are so important and such a wonderful spice of life that is sometimes abused or forgotten. We hope that young artists at Van Alstyne High will see their abilities as a blessing and use it for His glory.

Mike and Susan Owens



2007 Colson Owens Art Scholarship Recipient

Katie Smither

(Katie is attending Texas A&M and Majoring in a NEW program – Environmental Design)

We will have some of Katie’s art portfolio on this page soon.

Side note. We found out from Katie’s mother the evening the scholarship awards were presented, that Katie’s brother was at Wal-Mart hanging out with Colson in the electronics department while their mothers shopped, just a couple of hours before the tornado.